About Habits

Habits started in Lebanon in 2012 with a mission to empower and celebrate kids imaginations and creative abilities. Our belief was that if children were to become future  change-makers, they would need to be creative and communicate effectively.We wanted students to develop a love for reading that lasted beyond school, to express themselves with confidence, and to draw, write and create well into their adult lives.  That is where the benefits of reading, writing and drawing come in. These three habits work together to increase our knowledge, broaden our perspectives, organize our thoughts, visualize and better express ourselves.  And that’s how we began.

Our pages are carefully designed to promote creativity, lasting reading and creative writing habits, as well as mindful confidence and communication skills in our young readers. Habits has also served as a networking platform for students across the country. We have been teaming up with schools in Lebanon since 2012 and have proudly published over 800 drawings and activities and printed over 60 stories inspired and sent to us by our readers.

It has been a pleasure working with elementary schools. And like our young readers, we too are learning and growing. Today Habits is evolving to provide more convenient creativity activities, not just for schools but for personal, home use as well.

Stay tuned for upcoming products packed with imagination boosting activities!



The Habits Team

Edited by:

Sarah Nasser Eddin

In consultancy with:

Rima Karami Ed.D – Associate Professor of Education (American University of Beirut)

Reem Zebian – Nutrition

With a special thanks to:

Dr. Marwan Gharzeddine – Cedar Psych Center +961 1 735 755

Contributing illustrators:

Guillermo Costa

Mostafa Kahwaji

Maiya Hershey

Saad Malaeb

Proof read by:

Dawn Nasser

Rana Abou Hassan

P.O.box 30-13 Chouiefat, Lebanon

+961 3 847 427